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What an outstanding (and much-needed) post. This 47-year-old adoptee rights activist has seen some shit, and sadly, some of the worst bullying has come from fellow adoptees. If I had to point to a reason, it’s probably unresolved trauma mixed with some narcissism. Whatever the reason, it’s not ok. Thank you for addressing this very important topic. ❤️

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Hi Cat, and good morning to you! I am so very sorry you have experienced this awful treatment and even witnessed it in the adoption community. I have also seen the worst come from fellow adoptees. This is what led me to speak on it, as I know it's still happening, and I know firsthand how damaging it can be. You are so right; while I can also identify where they carry so much pain as many of us do, it's still not okay. Hopefully, more people and organizations will take this more seriously and start calling out the bullying on the internet and in the adoption constellation. Sending you lots of love! Thank you for your support! <3

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