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You asked for it, and she's delivering. As a thrilling spinoff to The Real Adoptea Moxie - Introducing AdopTEA RealiTEA, One-on-One Virtual Table Talk Sessions with Pamela A. Karanova launching in April 2023. 

For over a decade, Pamela has poured thousands of hours into providing emotional labor to the adoption community. Most of the time, this labor of love has been behind the scenes, in one-on-one conversations and interactions with adoptees worldwide. 

Navigating the reality that providing others with insight has created an emotional burnout in Pamela that has caused her to retreat, withdraw and disconnect due to the overload of trauma dumping she experiences daily. 

Pamela is taking on a new approach in opening up her schedule to continue these conversations by entering a self-care space. She is giving herself the rightfully deserved gift of being compensated for her endless emotional labor. 

Creating a healthy balance for Pamela to host these in-depth conversations is a radical form of self-love for herself and the community she adores. However, this is essential in setting boundaries for her emotional and mental wellbeing while providing a service to the community she is so deeply passionate about.  

Table Talk with Pamela A. Karanova allows specific days and times to connect more profoundly with those who seek soothing, validation, understanding, and acknowledgment from abandonment, rejection, grief, loss, anger, and rage from the adoptee experience. It's a space for conversations between Pamela and adoptees and non-adoptees. 

In addition, Pamela has created life-saving resources for the adoptee community, and 100% of her efforts have been a labor of love out of the goodness of her heart, never being compensated for all the work she has put into the adoptee community. 

After 27 years of alcohol dependence to numb her pain from her adoption experience, Pamela has spent over a decade healing and recovering from relinquishment and adoption trauma. 

As a result, Pamela has given herself the gift of being recovered and lives a joyful and nourishing lifestyle. Today, she's well-versed in her healing journey and has a wealth of self-care tools that have helped her heal that she's happy to share. 

While she has built relationships with adoptees and others in the adoption constellation worldwide, she has a lot of wisdom, validation, acknowledgment, and understanding for anyone who would like to understand the adoptee experience more profoundly. 

AdopTEA RealiTEA Virtual Table Talk Sessions are dedicated to curating a better understanding of the adoptee's experience by having difficult conversations about adoption. 

Pamela constantly has requests for one-on-one conversations with others in the adoption constellation. Virtual Table Talk will make that possible and foster a more profound connection than what's allowed on today's social media platforms. 

You may be an adoptee seeking clarity, healing, or validation. Maybe you are married to an adoptee or have an adoptee as a close friend or family member. Maybe you are a birth mother trying to understand the child you relinquished for adoption. But, on the other hand, maybe you are an adoptive parent who has the willingness to understand and learn from Pamela's lived experiences. Whatever your role is, Pamela has set aside time for you! 

Time is money, and emotional labor isn't free, and we must acknowledge this reality. Trauma dumping is rampant online, and we must be conscious and aware that emotions carry weight and affect other people. The entitlement that another person be indebted to care for us emotionally is something we should all reconsider.  

So, to continue to invest in the adoption constellation in this way, Pamela is launching an exclusive platform for a small fee of $35 per Virtual Table Talk Session (one hour) while creating lifelong connections and conversations with anyone who is a part of her supportive community.

If you are an adoptee who can't afford this service, please watch Pamela's Instagram & Facebook social media where she will be gifting Table Talk sessions periodically. 

This new adventure allows you to book one-on-one AdopTEA RealiTEA Virtual Table Talk Sessions with Pamela A. Karanova.

You invest in Pamela, and she invests in you.

This should not be considered therapy, as Pamela is not a therapist. Still, she does have a lifetime of lived experiences and a expansive range of resources and recommendations to share. This is an opportunity to grow to understand the adoptee experience more profoundly.

So whatever hat you wear in the adoption constellation, Pamela has a space for you at her table with a wealth of knowledge to share. 

In addition, Pamela has a passion and gift for building relationships, being a great listener, and offering advice or suggestions if asked. So whether you book a one-time or once-a-week session, Pamela is excited to connect with you! 

Suppose you need a different time than those Pamela has blocked off. No problem. Pamela will set up a particular time that works for both of you. Email her to discuss.  

Do you wish to pay via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle? No problem! Reach out to Pamela via email to discuss. 

Please contact Pamela directly if you would like to pay it forward to assist another adoptee in virtual table talk sessions. Also, would you like to gift table talk to an adoptee you know and love? Pamela's happy to discuss it! 

Remember to bring your hot tea for this special occasion! So book your one-hour table talk time today, but hurry - the limited time slots will book quickly. 

Questions? Email Pamela directly at:

*All connections made regarding Adoptees Connect, Inc.Adoptee Remembrance Day and local Lexington, KY adoptees will continue to be provided and fostered as a labor of love. 

Whether you’re a free or a paid subscriber, I’m excited to have you as part of
The Real Adoptea Moxie Community, and thank you for supporting my work!

Understanding is Love,

Pamela A. Karanova