Let's Collaborate

I appreciate your consideration in collaborating with me! 

I am currently accepting new opportunities to collaborate with others in the adoption constellation and look forward to connecting with you. 

I have well over a decade of interactions and networking within the adoptee and adoption community and have gained great insight into working closely with this community during this time. While my experience is extensive, I have a wealth of knowledge to share and endless support to give. To learn more about me click here.

Some services I provide to adoptees, those in the adoption constellation, and friends and family of adoptees are:

  • Podcast interviews. 

  • Writing pieces, articles, poetry, etc. 

  • Zoom meetings highlighting adoption-related topics.

  • Interviews from a well-versed adoptee perspective. 

  • Book review requests. 

  • Understanding your personal experiences because understanding is love.

  • Validate your pain and acknowledge your feelings.

  • Help gain a better understanding of the adoptee experience.

  • Grief work, listen to you until your tears begin to dry up. Help identify and walk through the grief process.

  • Assist in sharing resources, tools, and ideas to promote healing.

  • Offer encouragement, support, and guidance on your personal journey.

  • Set goals, dreams, and to-do lists for healing and bringing your visions to life.

  • Develop a mentor-mentee relationship.

  • Consultation on the adoptee community and bringing visions to life in the adoption community.

  • Offer ongoing, one-on-one support.

  • Be a lifeline in turbulent times.

  • Provide referrals and warm introductions for others in the adoption constellation who might benefit you in your journey.

  • Identify adoption's role in root issues and help discover the magnitude of how these issues have impacted one's life.

  • Discover healthy ways to grieve your losses.

  • Walk with you, out of the darkness into the light.

  • Take control of your life and destiny.

  • Create a bucket list and start checking things off.

  • Identify self-care practices because self-care is the new health care.

  • Tap into creative ways to share your story between writing, art, music, podcasts, etc.

  • Identify ways to process big adoptee/adoption feelings in healthy ways.

  • Give recommendations and feedback on organizations that are adoptee-centric. 

  • And so much more!

Would you like to gift an adoptee you love some Adoptea Realitea Table Talk Time with me? Email: pamelakaranova@gmail.com to set up!

If you have the vision to create a resource for adoptees but need help figuring out where to begin, I am here for you! I would love to support you and offer guidance to bring your vision to life!

If you are an adoptee and having a tough time, I am a great listener and have many tools to share with you. If you are an adoptive parent who would like advice on your adoptee, I am here to help you understand things from an adoptee's lens.

If you are an adoptive parent looking to gain insight on navigating the experience of raising an adopted child or your relationship with the child who grew up, I have a wealth of insight to share.

If you are a birth parent navigating reunion, I am happy to be your lifeline as you navigate one of your life's most challenging and emotional times.

Click here to learn more and consider setting up a table talk session with me: THE REAL ADOPTEA MOXIE TABLE TALK SESSION.

If you would like to contact Pamela’s Team, leave a message here.